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If you truly want to be your own boss but don’t know what to do, or don’t have much start up cash, then Affiliate Marketing could be your answer! Learn what it is and you will be amazed at the potential there is to make a full time living from this wonderful Career.


 What is Affiliate Marketing?  It is promoting someone else’s product or service. You get paid a commission when you refer someone to their sales page and they buy the product. This could be anything from Ebooks to skincare products,  or referring new member Affiliate’s to your downline in an Affiliate Company.

If you decide to become a serious Internet Marketer, you should definately register for free with Clickbank. They have tons of offers for you to promote.  It’s a great way to start promoting without expenses. (Check out my recommended Classifieds Advertising page for free classified websites) There are also plenty of free list builders and safelists – practise and learn before you part with your cash.

When you are new to this career, you will see many programs promising cash within a few days or weeks – don’t be fooled into thinking that if you sign up to a campaign, you will earn money in the first week – it just doesn’t happen like that.  You can’t not put any kind of effort into marketing and all that comes with it and expect to see results- this takes time and effort! Sow the seeds, nurture them and later on, see those cash amounts coming into your Paypal or Payza account. (These are the most favoured methods of receiving my payments)

There are plenty of free to start up Affiliate promotions, which gives you the opportunity to test the waters  without risking your money. You will however need to commit your spare time to this and keep on learning. Collect free resources such as software, ebook guides, reports and marketing videos to help build on your knowledge.

Remember, this is a journey! Enjoy the journey, picking up tips, resources and as much information as you go along. Share your ups and downs with other Affiliate Marketer’s on Networking sites such as Apsense.

This could be your new full time career – but you gotta work at it! No-one will do it for you.

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Free and low cost Affiliate tools and services – Get the basics for free. Start off with the right tools and services such as a free HTML editor, free pdf creator and much more.

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